High School Tuition

At Switched On Education, we offer small group (2 – 4 students) classes for Year 7 – 10 Students in Maths and English.

For Year 11 and 12 students, we offer small group and individual classes for each of the individual courses offered for the HSC.

A brief overview of our Maths and English classes are provided below. For more information please contact us for a free information pack.


Our Maths small group lessons are designed to complement the work that students are doing in class not to try and overload them with a separate program to their school work. Our lessons will ensure that students can maximise their potential, by understanding the relevant skills, knowledge and communication for their current topic, or whichever area they wish to work on that lesson. Instruction will be differentiated so that all students will have the opportunity to achieve success as both an independent learner and someone who is confident working as part of a team.